What is the difference between a storage unit and warehouse

What is the difference between a storage unit and warehouse
The self storage industry has evolved as more and more people and businesses choose to use self storage as an affordable and easy way to store their belongings, stock and equipment.  

There are now several types of self storage facilities to choose from, the most common of which are self storage units and warehouse storage (often called ‘furniture storage’).  But what’s the difference between a self storage unit and a warehouse or furniture storage facility?

What they are used for

Storage units 
These are individual rooms, usually indoors within a larger building.  Each unit has its own lock, and only you can use and access your own storage unit.  They are usually used for storing items that you don’t have room for at home or work, but which you still want to keep and need to access easily.
If you are an individual, you might use a storage unit to keep excess belongings safe.  For example, you might store Christmas decorations, camping gear, sports equipment or other items you just don’t have room for at home.

If you are a business, you might use your storage unit to store archives, documents, office furniture, stock, tools or equipment.

You can access your storage unit with your own key or lock, whenever you like during opening hours.

Warehouse or furniture storage
Warehouse storage is sometimes called furniture storage because that is what it is often used for.  This option involves paying to store your items within a warehouse space, usually shared with (though separated from) other customers’ belongings.   

For example, you may be moving house and need to store your furniture until your new home is ready for you to move in.  Your furniture would be stored for you within a warehouse, usually on pallets and covered in plastic to keep it dry and free from dust.  

Businesses might use warehouse storage for larger items of office furniture, or plant and machinery.   
You may not be able to access warehouse storage whenever you like, though, and if your items are kept within a shared area, you will need to be escorted to your belongings for security reasons.

Pricing structure
Storage units are available in different sizes.  You simply choose how much space you need (in square metres) and pay a set amount for that unit for however many weeks or months you need it for.  You can access your unit whenever you like within opening hours, at no extra charge, and you can add or remove items as needed.

Storing belongings in a warehouse or furniture storage facility will be charged for how much you need to store and you will need to get a quote for those items.  You may be charged for each time you want to access your belongings.

Which is best?
Storage units offer greater flexibility in that you can access them whenever you like, and nobody else will have access to your space.  Warehouse space is better if you have very large equipment to store, but you will usually be sharing your space with others and be more restricted on when you can access your items.

Storing items away from your home or business, in whatever form of self storage facility, frees up a lot of space for you and you can rest assured knowing that your belongings will be kept clean, safe and dry.

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