How much does it cost to rent furniture storage in Barcelona?

How much does it cost to rent furniture storage in Barcelona?
When choosing where to store your home or office furniture, price is one of the most important things when deciding which self storage company to use.

Self storage unit prices are usually calculated by the square metre, so how much you’ll pay will depend on how much furniture you plan to store.

The price per square metre is generally standardised across the industry, but may vary depending on the location of the self storage facility. Renting a furniture storage unit in Barcelona, for example, would tend to cost slightly more than renting one in Bilbao or Valencia, because of the greater overhead costs for the self storage company (such as the cost of land, licences, permits and special conditions).

Even in central Barcelona, though, prices are kept as low as possible, especially since the financial crisis left many units unused as demand dropped. 

So, the price you’ll pay for a self storage unit will depend on the location of the unit and on the ability of the self storage company to offer promotions or lower prices. 

If you choose to rent a furniture storage unit in Barcelona, or elsewhere in Spain, the price will be calculated by square metre and you can get a tailored quote based on how much you need to store. VAT will then be added. 

Some other companies offer storage units and furniture storage based on the number of days you wish to stay, rather than on how much space you need; this is usually for shared space within a larger warehouse rather than an individual, private storage room.

As OhMyBox! is now part of the Safestore family, our prices are highly competitive. The cost of our units is based on how many square metres of space you’ll need, and you will be the only person who can access your private unit at any time.

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