Tips for organising your storage room if you use it as a warehouse

Tips for organising your storage room if you use it as a warehouse
One of the most widespread uses of the OhMyBox! storage rooms in the centre of Barcelona is as a warehouse for small businesses or e-commerce. The main advantage is having an extra space that works out much cheaper than renting a larger office, or directly not having an office in the case of an e-commerce business. The following tips are for you to make your storage room much more accessible and better organised:

Shelves, your great ally

People often think that having shelves in a storage room makes you lose space, when in fact it is a good way of getting a better layout and taking advantage of the room’s full height. If you use the storage room as a warehouse, shelving is a great help when it comes to keeping everything tidier and more at hand.

Keep bulky and heavy material at the bottom of the storage unit

To avoid physical discomfort, it’s best to put the heaviest and bulkiest goods in the lower part of the storage room, and if possible near the door. To handle and transport it easily, there are trolleys and fork-lift trucks at OhMyBox! Facilities, and the offices can answer any questions you may have about using them. 

Protect all your goods

To avoid unnecessary scuffs, scratches or knocks caused by handling your products, we recommend that you keep them properly protected either by using boxes, bags, bubble wrap or any other system that suits your type of company. The OhMyBox! offices can advise you and provide you with a wide range of packaging solutions.


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