Why is renting an urban storage space becoming the new “deco” trend?

Why is renting an urban storage space becoming the new “deco” trend?
Five tips from OhMyBox! to make your home look fit for a magazine thanks to a storage box

Renting an urban storage space is the new deco trend, and almost without us realising, it has become a key tool for having a stylish, tidy home that conveys a feeling of serenity. Large, medium or small spaces, all of them give us great scope to make our home look fit for a magazine. Because less is more...

Here are some ideas so you can free up the rooms in your home and only keep things that are absolutely essential to make your home a real home sweet home:

1.    Free up the living room. The best moments of the day most probably take place in the living room, when you’re lying on the sofa. That’s why it’s important to create a good atmosphere and a sense of well-being, and you can only do this by freeing up some space. More than anything else, one trick that will help you get the feeling that your living room is more spacious is to free it from unnecessary objects and things you don’t use every day.

All you really need is a comfortable sofa, a round table and a side table, some stools and shelves where you can put a book or decoration piece to light the room up. The best idea for the rest is to take it to a storeroom. Another option, if you have a lot of decoration pieces, is to take them to the storeroom and when you feel like renovating, they’ll be there waiting for you.

2.    Get a good night’s rest in a comfortable bedroom. You have to sleep comfortably to get up on the right foot and start the day with energy. You can only do this by resting in a place where you feel comfortable. The more crowded the room is, the more difficult it will be to feel good, so the best thing to do is get rid of everything you don’t use and put it in storage, just keeping what you really need.

3.    Optimise space in the children’s room. It’s really great for your little ones to play and have fun! Just as it is perfect for them to have building toys, painting materials and anything else that motivates them and helps them develop. But if you don’t keep a bit of order, chaos will reign in the children’s room.

So if you want to create the best play area, you should organise the room and keep what they are really going to use – as for the rest, we don’t need to tell you where you can store it. You can also vary their toys. From time to time, you can make changes, and put the toys that are in their room in storage, and take back the ones in storage to their room.

4.    Create a practical office. At home we should also put all our energies into creating a more practical office where we can work better. It should be comfortable and have all the tools we need at hand at all times.

Whatever we are not going to use on a daily basis, such as books that we no longer read, notes and documents, we can put in a storage room and retrieve them whenever we need them, but they shouldn’t take up unnecessary space. You can keep your filing cabinets and some drawers for the materials you use the most close to your desk. Put some shelves in the storeroom with old files in case you need to use them, all well labelled so that you don’t waste time finding what you are looking for.

5.    Design a minimalist kitchen. Another space where we find all kinds of objects that we often don’t even realise we have is the kitchen. Here is where we accumulate, for example, pots and pans that we only use occasionally, like at Christmas, or some moulds to prepare sweets on special occasions. The maxim is to clear the kitchen of all those objects that we don’t use too often and leave space for what we really do use a lot. If you can see something that bothers you, put it away in the storeroom. Tidiness makes any room bigger! Then your kitchen will become the nerve centre of the house.


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