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Five objects we have all kept in a storage room

These are the five things our storage rooms hide and which we often keep for their use or sentimental value Over the years, we usually accumulate objects which, in the past, we found useful. Getting rid of these things isn't always easy and even …

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Couple with baby looking at box

Five stages in your life when you will need a storage unit

Living in your parents’ home, setting up your first company, starting out life as a couple or the arrival of your first child are just some of the situations in which you will need more storage space Shall I throw it away or not? Where can I keep …

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Couple organizing boxes

Rules to start the year with a tidy home

We offer 10 tips to optimise the space in your home Is keeping your house organised your New Year's resolution? At OhMyBox!, we suggest some rules so that you make the most of the space in your home and enjoy the benefits of tidiness. In fact, …

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