Hall of storage units with boxes

5 tips to save space in your storage unit

However hard you try to avoid it, untidiness can take over your storage unit and furniture storage, making them a replica of the disorder you were trying to avoid.

Space is finite and if you continue accumulating things, at some stage you will have too many, therefore you need to optimise the space you have in your storage unit.

To save space in your self-storage unit, we have some tips that may be useful in dealing with how to handle these spaces.

  1. Cleaning: cleaning is always the key to an organised space, but we are not just referring to cleanliness in terms of hygiene.
    Removing the things that you don't use is a practice that will not only save you space but also headaches; if it is a space you don't go adding things to over the year, there is no problem, but if you're constantly storing things in your storage unit, we recommend that once or twice a year you clean it and get rid of anything that hasn't been used for a long time, for once and for all.

  2. Look upwards: the mistake most people make when storing their things is believing that by putting everything into boxes they are dealing with the problems of space. You need to be practical, fixing shelves to the walls is a good option for small boxes. This will free up space by using the walls and making the most of the size of the storage unit.

  3. Dismantle things: although it may be obvious, if you're going to store large pieces of furniture in your storage unit, dismantle them first. Many people put beds, cupboards and chests of drawers in them without dismantling them as they can't be bothered. We recommend, as far as possible, dismantling them.

  4. Hang: as well as putting shelves on the walls, you can fit hooks which are incredible space savers, particularly if you're storing skis, bicycles or sports accessories.

  5. Make the most of spaces: Are you storing cupboards in your storage unit? Try to make the most of your spaces by storing small things in the drawers. For example, if you’re storing sports equipment or your ski boots try to put smaller things inside them.