Couple sitting in front of boxes

5 tips to place things in your furniture storage

Storage units are small worlds able to store countless memories, mementos, objects and tools that, at some stage, were of use.

Ideas for organising storage units are always welcome as, whether because of sentimental value or because we find it hard to get rid of things, the number of objects we have tends to increase year after year. Although getting rid of certain things is advisable, most of us have a nostalgic part deep inside us that prevents us from getting rid of certain old objects, particularly if they have a sentimental value.

To make the very most of the space, we propose a series of ideas for organising storage units that can be used to keep things in order and save space at home.

  1. Make the most of ALL your storage unit: when placing things in store we often forget the upper parts; don't forget that in your storage unit you can put up shelves and hooks that will help you make the most of the space.
    Shelves will help you as everything will look much tidier and you can also put boxes with documents on them so that they are not strewn on the floor.

  2. Label: this is one of the best ideas for organising storage units. So that your space is not a chaos, we recommend putting easily visible labels on the things you store that indicate what kind of things they are.
    If your memory lets you down and you want to know exactly what you have got in each of your boxes, one option could be to take photos of them.
    You can also store your things in transparent storage boxes, which will allow you to see what you have got in each of them.

  3. Keep your storage unit clean: Hygiene is part of tidiness and will help prevent things from deteriorating; try to dust them from time to time.

  4. Sort: place the things you use less often at the back, so that they don't get in your way every time you want to take something out of storage.

  5. Don’t create obstacles: try to ensure the floor is free of things and boxes that could become “traps” if you enter in a hurry or without the light on.