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A business on the rise: storage and storage units

In recent years, the storage unit rental business has been increasing, with sustained levels of growth making it one of the most promising businesses these days.

With the explosion of the housing bubble many people thought that this would be yet another of the businesses affected by the financial crisis. However, those who forecast the drop in the storage unit rental business got it quite wrong: nowadays, it is a business that offers a profitability of up to 15%, making it a fairly attractive investment.

The lack of space in large towns and cities is a modern problem that affects most of the countries in Europe, and Spain is no exception to this.

Currently, the population density of large cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia is among the highest in Europe, meaning that there are more and more inhabitants per square metre.
The great business opportunities that there are in the face of these perspectives are enormous, as not only large storage unit rental companies can benefit from this boom, but also individuals.

The financial crisis has also been an ally in the expansion of these businesses, as many people had to hand over their homes as they couldn't pay their mortgages or had to move back in with their parents or even to smaller spaces, meaning that they had to look for extra storage space to keep all their belongings.

As buying a storage unit is an investment that not everyone can afford, people started to look for self-storage rental services, thereby generating a growing demand that needed to be met in some way.

Nowadays, there are more and more companies and individuals wanting to join this profitable business that hasn't stopped growing and that has managed to comfortably overcome the financial crisis thanks to a portfolio of services that provides attractive value for money for anyone.