Boxes and objects on bookshelf

Advantages of renting a self-storage unit in Barcelona

In large cities, it has become fashionable to rent a storage unit to store all the belongings that don't fit into your home, either because you live in a small home or because, little by little, you have accumulated objects and there is no longer room for all of them. They are also common for people who have downsized meaning that they can't fit everything in or people who are carrying out any kind of home renovation who may temporarily need to store their furniture.

Renting a storage unit in Barcelona is also possible and can be done economically, thanks to our storage system. Although there are various alternatives that offer a similar service, none of them have the most affordable prices on the market. It's time to forget about exorbitant fees for a service that does not correspond to what is actually given. You pay for the number of days and for the space you need. Without any type of trick or extras in the small print.

You will have a fully monitored environment meaning that renting a storage unit in Barcelona is a perfect option so that your belongings will be as secure as possible. 24 hours a day maximum control thanks to people and electronic devices that watch over the well-being of all the items you store. You can also access your objects 24 hours a day using your personalised key if you need to take anything out or add something more.

This is a great alternative if you share a flat with many people and you only have one room in which to keep your things. If you need more space for your clothes, your furniture or the bicycle that you only use in summer. If you have lots of paperwork that you need to have organised for any future use, but you don't have any more room for it, don't think twice.
And the very best part is that you won't have to travel too far to be able to store everything you want. The distances are short because our storage units are right in central Barcelona, in the Eixample.