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Care and maintenance of books

Literature is one of humanity's great passions, but keeping your library in optimum conditions requires an effort as books are easily prone to deterioration. This is due to the fact that they are affected by external factors such as damp and dust, that can leave them in very poor conditions.

Thecare and maintenance of books involves, first and foremost, the fight against dust. Unless you remove the particles of dust, they stick to the books. You often cannot see this easily. These dust particles can end up oxidising the pages or creating environments that favour small organisms. The best way to fight this problem is with regular dusting. Therefore, the best thing is to remove the books and to clean the piece of furniture in depth every couple of months.

Moisture is one of the worst nightmares of any library. Therefore, the care and maintenance of books to avoid this process lies in them not coming into contact with zones that favour this. A piece of wood or a panel can avoid them rubbing against walls and you should keep them away from windows or places where water flows. If you see that there is a book with signs of deterioration due to damp, take it away from the other ones so as not to produce a contagious effect.

Sources of heat are not advisable either. The place should be dry and with good ventilation, but never with an excessive temperature. Who has never dreamt about a library with a typical fireplace where you can sit and read in the warmth? This classical dream can, in fact, cause your books to deteriorate.

Never allow sunlight to reflect on books as this will end up decomposing the paper little by little, as well as changing the colour of the pages and the covers. Always store them vertically so that they maintain their structure, without becoming deformed.

It should be said that part of the care and maintenance of books lies in using them correctly. Treat them gently and not violently. Don't eat near them or use drinks that could splash onto the pages.