Keys on drawing of storage units

Centrally located storage units: your things always close at hand

When you consider the option of renting a storage unit through a specialist company, always try to look for the most convenient and advantageous options they have.
Like any other service, rented storage units have their pros and cons, which are worth analysing in detail before deciding to contract a service of this kind.

Some of the factors to be taken into account when going for this option are:

  • The price: obviously this is one of the determining factors, as it will dictate how many metres you decide to rent, for how long and the type of additional services —if you want any— you may decide to contract.

  • Guarantees: the price is not the only determining factor, you also need to find out about the guarantees the company offers for your belongings. You need to find out whether they have a surveillance system, if the storage sheds are duly waterproofed or if the company has antitheft insurance policies for storage units.

  • Terms of use: Does the company offer a transport service for your goods when you contract with it? Are there any surcharges you need to take into account? These questions need to be answered before you decide to sign up with a storage unit rental company, therefore ask the right questions and find out about all the terms of service.

  • Location and accessibility: this is a key point, in many cases people decide not to contract a rental service due to the location of the storage sheds and warehouses.

With respect to the latter, it should be pointed out that some years ago most companies that rented this type of space were located on the outskirts of large cities due to availability of space and logistics.

Nowadays, there are companies that have central storage units in which users will find all facilities to access them, at any time they need.

Find out about the terms of the service and if you want to have your belongings close at hand, look for a storage unit company in the centre of the city.