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The economic crisis and self-storage units

Although we hear that the financial crisis is now a thing of the past, the fact is that there are still thousands of families who find it difficult to make ends meet and businesses have been forced to get rid of staff and even close down their activity. However, there are also people who have seen an increase in their sales.

Contrary to what many people might think, self-storage units have been one of the industries that weren't affected by the crisis. Actually, quite the contrary, since the demand for self-storage units has increased in recent years.

There are several reasons that have led to this situation: on the one hand, with the great number of unoccupied flats as a result of the financial crisis, people started to ask for more furniture storage and self-storage unit services. On the other hand, even though not everyone found themselves in such dramatic situations, there were many cases of families who had to relocate into smaller flats, meaning that surplus objects ended up in rented furniture storage.

Some families also decided to vacate a room in their home to be able to rent it out to thereby share the expenses or meet part of the costs of the flat expenses or their mortgage. In this kind of situation, they also needed to find a specialist self-storage rental service to make room for the new tenant.

Nowadays, self-storage units have a wide range of additional services, so if you are thinking about how to get some extra income at the end of the month, maybe the option of freeing up a room is not such a ridiculous one. Remember that this rental modality offers highly varied options and great flexibility to access your belongings, although you need to make sure about what the storage conditions are and, above all, the conditions for gaining access to your belongings.