Toys thrown away

The dangers of accumulating belongings

Although, to a certain degree, we all have some untidiness and attachment to useless things in our lives, we must take care because an excessive accumulation of belongings can be one of the main signs that we are suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder, Diogenes syndrome or that we are suffering from compulsive hoarding syndrome.

Although this is not the same as Diogenes syndrome (which is usually found in elderly people and, in addition to excessive hoarding, involves a state of complete negligence in terms of personal hygiene as well as hygiene in the home), compulsive hoarding syndrome was recognised some years ago as a serious pathology that requires psychological intervention.

We are not stating that everybody who accumulates belongings in their homes necessarily suffers from this syndrome or should go to a psychologist, since in 90% of cases what many people suffer from is a lack of time and space to store their belongings. In these cases, the solution is much less drastic than visiting a psychologist: you can simply get rid of some of these belongings or store them in places designed for this purpose (self-storage units or furniture storage).

The problem really arises when people save objects such as old newspapers or used packaging, which are things that generally do not justify either renting a storage unit or reorganising the space in which they are kept as they are useless objects that should have been got rid of a long time ago.

The risks of accumulating rubbish unnecessarily are various: on the one hand, you risk causing allergies or respiratory diseases due to the dust and humidity that many of these belongings generate. You are also opening the door to the appearance of Diogenes syndrome.
In addition, you may be creating an environment that is likely to cause stress, as it has been proven that untidy environments are more prone to generate stress and anxiety.

When reorganising your space, you should assess whether the things you store really have a value or use, and if they do, then look into the option of making room for them at home or looking for alternative storage options. If, on the other hand, you see that the objects have no practical (or sentimental) value, the best thing is to get rid of them.