Red corridor with storage units

Differences between storage unit and warehouse or furniture storage

With the increase of self-storage companies as a storage alternative, new concepts have been created that are added to existing storage units and warehouses.

Although many people refer to them as if they were the same thing, the fact is that storage units and furniture storage or warehouses have some operational differences..

First of all, although both are storage spaces that you can rent from a company, they have different functions and therefore different service provision conditions.
Storage units are usually for storing old items that you no longer need or don't need very often. Furniture storage, on the other hand, is an area exclusively dedicated to storing furniture (as its name indicates).

Secondly, the payment method is another difference between storage units and warehouses. While in a storage unit you pay for a given number of metres for the time you choose, in conventional furniture storage your belongings are piled up in wooden pallets and covered in plastic.
Most companies that offer furniture storage rental services charge you each time you access it.

Another difference lies in the space for which you pay. In furniture storage, your belongings are stored next door to other people's, as there are no divided spaces, while in a self-storage rental unit you can have the space you need and pay for it as long as you want. This space will always be yours and you can get to it whenever you want.

The two services have similar conservation conditions, as you are paying a company that specialises in storage to keep your things, therefore, they must have the necessary facilities to guarantee the optimum maintenance of your belongings.
Normally, storage unit and warehouse rental companies offer facilities that are designed so that their clients' belongings do not deteriorate.

So, now you know. Once you are clear about the differences, choose the service that best responds to your needs and start to enjoy more space in your home.