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Five objects we have all kept in a storage room

These are the five things our storage rooms hide and which we often keep for their use or sentimental value

Over the years, we usually accumulate objects which, in the past, we found useful. Getting rid of these things isn't always easy and even less so when we wonder if we will ever need them again. It's likely that everything we keep in storage rooms we’re going to need again in the future, which is why OhMyBox! has put together a list of the five objects that are most commonly kept in storage.

1. We change our clothes with the change of season. It's time to put away all your bulky winter clothes and take out your lighter garments that you haven't worn for months. Whether or not you like it, changing your wardrobe is an activity which you have to do at least once a year and which we've all survived. Having room in your storage unit to keep the clothes from the previous season is basic, as it allows you to better organise your clothes for the new season.

2. The cot, the pram or the toys.
Children grow quickly and many of the objects we buy them become things of the past after just a short time. Parents very often save everything connected to their children, as their things have a sentimental value for us. Although we manage to give some of them away or donate them, others stay in the storage unit in case we ever need to use them again.

3. Seasonal hobbies and their accessories. Skis, bicycles, beach lilos, rackets, protective equipment such as helmets or knee protectors are just some of the many objects you have probably stored in your storage room convinced that you're going to use them again. Sports lovers as well as amateurs usually save the objects they have enjoyed so much during the season and look forward to using them again the next year.

4. Photo albums and other objects from that dusty old trunk. We use reminders to strengthen our identity and they are what give our biography meaning, so that we don't forget everything around us. Who doesn't enjoy travelling back in time and reliving moments that are found in their photo albums? For many people a photo album, a postcard a friend sent you or the first exam you have passed are things that you want to save to be able to relive the emotions.

5. Furniture or electrical household items from your last move. Storage units are a good option for keeping cupboards, bookshelves, chairs or any other electrical household item. We don't want to get rid of them all after a move, as our instinct wants to save them in case we really need them later on.

Remember that a storage unit is the ideal solution for storing things that you don't use on a regular basis so that you can make room for things you use more often.