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Five stages in your life when you will need a storage unit

Living in your parents’ home, setting up your first company, starting out life as a couple or the arrival of your first child are just some of the situations in which you will need more storage space

Shall I throw it away or not? Where can I keep it? Will I use it again in the future? All these questions are usually associated to changes at different times in people's development: from teenage years, while living at home with their parents, through to forming their own family, including their first employment or setting up home on their own. Different situations with one common denominator: the need for more space.

For all these essential moments, OhMyBox! recommends considering a storage unit. It can be of great help if you are having work done or moving home, storing all the seasonal items that you aren't going to use for a while and even for storing documents that you don't need to consult very often.

Stages in your life when you will need extra storage space:

1. My bedroom, my kingdom! But it's getting too small (adolescence and youth). This situation is more common than you would think. In fact, it is estimated that 74.5% of people aged between 18 and 35 live with their parents and the lack of space can end up causing problems. As the years go by, they accumulate more things; certain sports, such as skiing, surfing or cycling, for example, require more storage space. It is in cases like this that OhMyBox! becomes the perfect ally to avoid your parents complaining about the untidiness.

2. Starting out in the professional world (first job). Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and even Disney. All these companies needed more space at their beginnings to let their imaginations loose and they found it in their parents' garages. In Spain, it is not so often that one can find this type of facility in a home, therefore the best solution is to look for nearby storage space to keep your tools, stock or archives.

3. Just married! Setting up home with your partner (moving). A new life with your partner is about to start, away from your parents' home, but first of all you need to move. It is at times like this that OhMyBox! can really help you with things. Do I want it, or don't I want it? This is, without doubt, the question people ask themselves most when putting things away in boxes. Indecisive people or those who don't want to give up all their memories will need extra storage space.

4. A new child (birth). The arrival of a child is always a joyful occasion, but it also brings some concerns with it; a lack of space can be one of them. You need to make room for their cot, pram, changing table, playpen and a whole host of toys sometimes difficult to imagine. It is also fairly likely that the room that was free in your house, the one in which you had been storing so many things, will now have a new person living in it. OhMyBox! could be a new place for all these things as well as the ones that the baby grows out of. You never know, you might need them again!

5. The family carries on growing (renovation). There’s no room for anything else and the birth of a little brother or sister means you will need more room. A new distribution of the house may be able to provide those extra square metres you need, but will probably involve a massive reform. Whether you need a simple coat of paint or a more complex piece of work, the best thing is to empty the house as it will simplify the job and protect your furniture and belongings. No matter how much you cover up your furniture, paintings and books, you will always end up finding them full of dust and with some damage. Keeping them in OhMyBox! is the best option so that, after the work is finished, they are ready to be used again.

At what point in your life are you? Whatever it is, don't let a lack of space be a problem for you. OhMyBox!, a leader in urban self-storage rental, provides extra storage space for everything you need to take out of your home or office.