Burglars entering a house

Is my storage room covered by an antitheft insurance policy?

Storage units at home are usually additional or attached spaces so that people can leave their belongings in them and, like any other private property, they are not exempt from theft.

In recent years, the figures for theft in these spaces have shot up and, either as a result of the financial crisis or lack of security, unfortunately the number of reports has considerably increased.

Not everybody has antitheft measures for their storage room, as this is usually something you only think about after the event, but you should take into account that there is the possibility that it will be broken into.

Although complete prevention of the crime is an almost impossible task, you can adopt some precautionary measures to prevent, or at least to lessen, the effects that theft from your own storage room may involve.

Owners' communities usually have insurance policies that cover theft from the storage rooms if they are in the communal areas. You should bear in mind that having an insurance policy is not a guarantee against theft, but it is a precautionary measure that is worth having.

Some additional precautionary measures you should consider for your own storage room are:

  • Install reinforced doors: doors are usually weak and easy to open, so if you can install a security grille or change the locks for stronger ones, you could be protecting your storage room.

  • Do not store valuable items: storage units are designed for storing things; not for storing jewels, works of art, relics, money, documents or any other kind of valuable object, to make sure that you don't lose these belongings if there is a theft.

  • Install an alarm: this is a viable option if you have a budget as antitheft alarms are usually connected to a police station, so they can be a good way to protect your storage room from theft.

One of the advantages of contracting a self-storage rental company is the security it provides, therefore it is worthwhile working out if you would be better off paying a monthly fee and renting one to avoid future headaches.