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For how long can I use my self-storage unit?

One of the most frequent questions when contracting a specialist company that offers self-storage rental units is how long you can use it.

Although each company offers these services in a different way, there are a series of frequent questions that people have when renting furniture storage. What are the questions that most users who use this service in Spain ask?

  1. What can I store?
  2. You can store anything you don't use frequently or that takes up a lot of space in your home: Generally, people store things like bicycles, furniture, documents, paintings, old toys, clothes they use, old fancy dress costumes, etc.
    However, there are a series of items that are considered unsafe and therefore may not be stored in a self-storage unit. Items such as chemical products, explosives, plants or animals, food or perishable compounds. Although self-storage rental companies have trustworthy security systems, it is not a good idea to store objects of value such as jewellery or other valuable items.

  3. How does the self-storage work?
  4. The self-storage system is what is used by most storage unit rental companies nowadays. With this system, a user rents a space for a certain (or indefinite) period of time for their own personal use or that of their company, with access to it 24 hours a day all year round.

  5. Can I take a look at the self-storage unit before contracting the company?
  6. Yes, you can get to know them beforehand to verify how the rental service is provided.

  7. How do I take my things to the storage unit?
  8. Although in most cases you are responsible for taking your belongings to the storage unit, we advise you to ask your rental company because many of them offer a transport service for a surcharge.

  9. How long can I use my storage unit for?
  10. As long as you need or the time established in your contract (this will vary in keeping with the user’s needs).