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How much does it cost to rent furniture storage in Barcelona?

When assessing the option of taking out furniture storage rental services, price is one of the most important things when deciding to choose one company or another.

The rental prices of furniture storage are generally standardised, although they also vary depending on the city they are in. In the case of renting furniture storage in Barcelona, it is obvious that the prices will not be the same as in Bilbao or Valencia, for example.

Some companies decide to calculate their rates depending on the area in which you rent. Self-storage units are usually calculated by square metre and the rate depends on the number of square metres you decide to rent. Because of the financial crisis, many of these companies had to keep their prices down, due to the large amount of empty space they ended up having.

In addition to the previous paragraph, when deciding on the price for furniture storage rental in Barcelona or any city in the country, a great number of factors come into play, such as the standard of living in the city, the average income, whether there are extra logistical charges due to special geographical characteristics, licenses and permits or special conditions that may make the service provision a little more expensive.

The final price will be influenced, on the one hand, by these “objective” factors that can be common to all storage unit and furniture storage rental companies. On the other hand, due to the company's internal policies and the way in which they decide to calculate their price system.

Furniture storage prices in Barcelona and in the rest of the cities in Spain are generally calculated by cubic metre and the company, depending on the needs of each client, will assess them on the type of furniture storage they need to rent. The corresponding VAT is usually then added to this price.

There are other storage unit and furniture storage rental companies that charge not for the area to be rented, but for the number of days you wish to take out the service. The average price starts at €20-€25 plus VAT per month.