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How to keep your house tidy when living with a partner

One of the most complicated moment in people’s lives comes when they start living with other people. The relationship may be well established and there might be really good feelings but, on a day-to-day basis, problems can arise if you don't follow some basic guidelines. Keeping your house tidy when living with someone can be doable if everybody behaves with respect and calmness.

The main point to keeping your house tidy when living with someone is establishing which task each of you is going to do. It's important to make this clear beforehand so that there are no complaints or reproaches later. You can always help the other person if they're busy or if they don't get there on time, or you can exchange the activities, but always with previous planning.

Another point is looking for practical things that are needed for living together. It is quite common that both members should have the same item and that you're only going to need one. You can sell, give away or donate the other. But don't accumulate things that are not used and that are later going to contribute towards a lack of space. A space that needs to be respected for each person's activities.

Keeping your house tidy when living with someone also means that everything is done at home. If you have hobbies, put aside a space for them, and don't do them one day in the kitchen, another day in the sitting room and the next time in the bedroom, because this can cause chaos. If you each need a room, you could establish the living room as a place for reading or listening to music while the other person is doing their hobby. If you share ideas, so much the better!

The cupboard is one of the key elements as each person will want to put the garments they had before in it. Share the space in it and think about who needs most room for their garments. Try not to have everything heaped up and mixed, or overstep the line that make up each person's zone.