Modern small floor interior

How to make the most of space in small flats

Moving to a small flat involves numerous advantages for the person who buys it, such as a lower rental or price, greater energy efficiency and less care and cleaning. But above all, the tranquillity and intimacy of having a personal area in which you feel at ease. For families, this means closer bonds between the members, as they feel closer and more united.

The main trick for making the most of the space in small flats is to visualise the area around you as something useful. Everything may seem narrow or tight, particularly if you don't have all the furniture you would like to have everything neatly arranged. The key is to see the walls and the ceilings as contributing elements. All the tools that you use on an everyday basis can be hung up. Things in the kitchen, at work or in the bedrooms. Nothing gets away. For small metal objects, you can get magnetic strips so that they will attach to them and will always be at hand.

Making the most of the space in small flats means having multi-purpose furniture, that also frees up space so that you can carry out other kinds of activities. This is the case of cupboards with folding tables in the kitchen or beds that fold up on themselves. They enable you to save many square metres and are available when you need them.

Many flats don't have bedrooms with cupboards, so the best alternative for organising your clothes is to use large drawers that can be placed under the bed. Otherwise, you can buy clothes racks with wheels to organise your garments.
If you have a wooden staircase, the steps can be used as shelves for books or as drawers in which to store clothes.

A folding screen can be a great solution to make the most of space in small flats as due to their simplicity they help to divide rooms and create two areas in which to do different tasks. A bedroom can be a sitting-room or a studio at the same time, as well as an area in which to have a quiet meal. Your imagination and enthusiasm will be essential.