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How to plan the rental of a storage unit

The rental of a storage unit is a fantastic idea when you have problems of space at home. Whatever the reason, there are many causes that lead to headaches in this sense. We are consumers and we accumulate things little by little.

You may be carrying out renovation works and need a room in which to keep the old furniture. You may be moving to a smaller flat and not everything may fit in.
It's the beginning of summer and you want to store your winter clothes and the beach items that don't fit in your home. Or maybe you are a self-employed enterprise and need a physical place in which to keep part of the work, without wishing to incur the high cost of premises.

Whatever the reason, planning the rental of a storage unit must consider several points:

• How much space is needed? This is the main problem, as many people fall into the trap of paying for something they don't use. The company should offer you a place of the size you need, with sufficient square metres to adapt to your requirements. By using shelves and hangers on the walls, you will save a lot by hanging things up.

• How many days? Here, there is no set time. Simply the time you need. Don't allow yourself to be tricked and end up paying per month when you're only going to use it for a couple of weeks. Choose the alternatives that offer payment by day and not by longer periods.

• Are your things secure? Another point to be taken into account when planning the rental of a storage unit. You shouldn't leave your belongings in a place that does not have a good security system, starting with the door and the locks. This should all be supported by the necessary technology to protect it, as well as human staff responsible for ensuring everything happens normally.

• Do they get spoilt? This shouldn't happen if the storage unit meets minimum requirements of hygiene and ventilation. They should be dry and fresh, and far removed from any source of infection, so that things are stored in the best condition possible.