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How to prevent theft from your home storage room

Thefts from storage rooms are becoming more frequent and are a common reason for lodging a report at a police station.

During the first months of 2015, the number of reports of thefts from storage rooms shot up, especially in those in the car parks of owners’ communities with no antitheft systems for the storage unit.

Furniture storage is an ideal target for thieves, as often it takes a long time for the theft to be noticed, unless the door is damaged or destroyed. It is a theft that is not noticed immediately, giving the thieves enough time to get away.

Although a rented storage unit is also vulnerable to theft —nobody is safe from it— one of its advantages is precisely that of the additional security methods that they offer.

These companies usually have antitheft systems for storage units, alarms and monitoring systems and surveillance that enables them to detect any attempted theft in any of their storage units.

However, not everyone today has a sufficient budget to pay for the services, so if you cannot use a specialist service, the best thing is to take some precautionary measures to make things a little bit more complicated for thieves.

  • Reinforced doors: although the best solution is to have an armoured door that nobody can get through, they are rather expensive and not everybody can afford one. Doors are usually fairly easy to open, so the ideal thing would be to use a reinforced door or some kind of security grille that prevent people from getting in without a key.

  • Alarm systems: these are an excellent option as most of these alarms are connected to the police, meaning that if someone tries to get into your storage room the police will be notified immediately.

  • Install security cameras: this is one of the most popular mechanisms to guarantee the security of storage rooms, however their effect is a deterrent rather than anything else as they do not prevent entrance, they simply record those who try to get in.