Couple in front of storage room for rent

How to store your belongings in a storage unit

Today, storage unit and furniture storage rental services have become popular, and are no longer a privilege reserved for large logistical companies, having become part of the life of many families in Spain.

Many families have contracted a storage unit rental service, however, very few of them know how to organise it as effectively as possible.

There is not a single answer to the question “what is the best way to organise and store your belongings in a storage unit?”. It will all depend on the use you make of your belongings, how often you're going to use them and the type of item you decide to put into storage.

  • According to the season: our first suggestion is aimed at people who decide to rent a storage unit to store, in particular, sports items that occupy a considerable space at home. Therefore, if you store sports items and accessories that are used at different times of the year together with other things, the most sensible thing would be to organise them according to the season in which you're going to need them. In other words, skis should be placed in the storage unit along with ski boots, the boxes with your goggles and your ski suit. Accessories for doing windsurfing should be kept with things that you use in the summer.

  • According to their use: if you know that there are things that you use more frequently than others, the most sensible thing is to keep them handy, as you are going to be taking them out more often, therefore there would be little point in storing something you're going to be using relatively frequently right at the back.

  • According to size: very often when you have a vision of the whole, you can get an idea of the things that you have in the space; one option for this is to organise things according to size, that way you will manage to see everything whenever you go into your storage unit.

There are many ways to organise it; as many ways as there are companies in the sector, therefore, choose the one that suits you best and get storing!