Worker with boxes

How to transport your belongings to the self-storage unit

When you contract a rented storage unit, you need to take many things into consideration so that the service is worthwhile.

One of the essential factors is where the storage unit is, as often the inconvenience of companies is that they are on the outskirts of cities, where it is easier to find large spaces and storage sheds.

When what you want to store in your storage unit are boxes, documents and small items, you can take them there by car or even in a taxi.

However, if you want to store electrical household appliances, beds and large pieces of furniture, the location and accessibility of the storage unit are factors of utmost importance.

If you don't have a car, renting a storage unit on the outskirts of the city can be rather complicated, as you will have to add the extra costs of transporting your belongings to the place on to the price of the rental.

Some furniture storage rental companies offer their clients a transport service for their goods to the storage sheds, at an additional price, of course, so if you don't have a car or means of transport, this can be one of the criteria that will help you choose one company or another.

The options to move your goods are:

  • Car: whether it is rented, it belongs to a friend or it's your own car, if you don't have to take heavy items to your storage unit, you don't need to take out specialist transport services.

  • Rented van: if the belongings you need to take are large and not just small objects, this is an option you could think about (check with your company as they might have agreements with specialist transport companies or may be able to suggest one).

  • Taxi: although this is not the cheapest option, if it is just some boxes and small documents that you can take with you easily, a taxi could be a good option.