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Some extra tips to keep your storage unit organised

The use of storage units has been growing in recent years and nowadays it is not at all strange for people to decide to resort to the services of a storage unit company as a way of solving their need for space.

As these spaces are becoming more and more common in people's lives, they need to be kept as clean and tidy as possible. Although these spaces have special environmental conditions controlling humidity and possible leaks, your stored belongings will always be exposed to deterioration due to dust and dirt.

A clean and tidy storage unit will help you, not only to keep your belongings in the best condition, but also to save time and optimise space, as carefully arranging your belongings you will be able to economise on useful square metres. If you have a classification system, you guarantee easy access to your belongings every time you go into your storage unit.

If you would like to have a tidy space but you don't know where to start, take a look at our tips and follow our recommendations:

  • Labelling: whether your belongings are in boxes, bags or baskets, don't forget to label them clearly to know what you're putting in each of them. This will avoid you having to open the boxes one by one because you've forgotten what you put in each of them.

    If you don't want to label them, a recommended alternative is to put them into transparent boxes so that you can see what's in each of them, then you won't have to label them or open them one by one.

  • Use alternatives for organisation: if you are someone who doesn't like seeing boxes piled up in a corner, you could consider buying accessories to organise your storage unit, or if you have sufficient space, you could buy small light cupboards where you could house hundreds of belongings as well as putting drawers or baskets in them to keep your belongings in a more organised way in your storage unit.