Corridor with storage units for rent

Price of self-storage rental

One of the most frequent doubts when renting storage space or additional storage is usually the rental price of these places.

Deciding whether to choose one rental company or another should not be determined just by the price, as many other factors come into play such as the facilities, the access policy, the insurance and guarantees they offer, among others. Nevertheless, the price of storage unit rental will continue to be one of the most important factors.

In the world of storage unit rental, there are plenty of offers nowadays, therefore we provide a broad picture of the additional factors to be taken into account when talking about the rental price.

All the prices will be determined by each client's specific needs, which means that the general features that most furniture storage rental companies will take into account are:

  • Location: some companies have different price systems depending on the place, which is why on most websites, when you look at the rental price for a storage unit there are no standard rates.

  • Area: depending on the number of boxes or things that you need to store, the price of the self-storage unit will vary. Renting a small storage unit for small items or sports items is not the same as renting one to keep sofas or large electrical household appliances in, for example.

  • Type of client: in many companies, there are different rates for corporate clients and private individuals, and depending on the case and the number of square metres they are going to occupy, one type of rate or another will be applied.

  • Insurance and extras: there are a series of additional charges that some companies include in their overall rate but that others decide to charge separately. For example, if you want to take out an insurance policy when it is not included in the service.

  • Deals: some companies offer a discount on the rental price of their furniture storage depending on how long you're going to rent it for, and other companies have deals by means of which the first month’s rental is free.