Couple organizing boxes

Rules to start the year with a tidy home

We offer 10 tips to optimise the space in your home

Is keeping your house organised your New Year's resolution? At OhMyBox!, we suggest some rules so that you make the most of the space in your home and enjoy the benefits of tidiness. In fact, recently, many experts have recommended that, to have a home that instils peace and tranquillity, you should periodically organise it and get rid of the objects that have accumulated in it.

A storage unit is a resource for storing things that you don't regularly use (toys, seasonal clothing, bicycles, musical instruments, etc.) and for gaining space for objects you use more often.

We offer 10 tips so that you become able to make the most of your space:

1. Keep your storage unit in mind. Get used to storing things that you only use periodically in the unit. This will keep your house comfortable, it will be easier to clean and tidy and it will transmit peace. Sometimes we forget that there is space available and it's a good idea to bear it in mind.

2. Take out a storage unit if you're carrying out renovation work or moving. Renovation works and moves are times when a storage unit can make things so much easier for you. You can rent it for a limited time and keep all your belongings there until you move into your new home or your recently renewed house.

3. If you only use it seasonally, keep it in the storage unit. Winter skis or beach equipment don't need to take up square metres in your home.

4. Choose a storage unit with easy access. There's no point taking your belongings far away from you. The nearer your storage unit is to your home, the better.

5. Take the documentation that you don't need to consult but that you shouldn't get rid of yet to the storage unit. Companies, as well as individual people, need to store their documents, invoices, contracts, etc. but do they really need to be taking up precious space in your home or your office? Install classifiers in your storage unit and keep your documentation organised and easily accessible whenever you need it.

6. Consider making the most of the spaces in your house that are freed up. Maybe by making space you could rent out a room or your house when you're on holiday, to get some extra income.

7. Be realistic. You should be honest about your habits. If you have used your bicycle very little recently, you can be almost sure that you will use it just as infrequently in the future. Therefore, what could be better than to store it in the storage unit and go and get it when you want to use it?

8. Take advice from a storage unit professional. Not just your home, but also your storage unit should be organised. Allow yourself to be advised in keeping with your preferences for space and keep what you need most frequently more accessible.

9. Go over the content of your storage unit periodically. Keeping things in a storage unit can also be a way of finding out if you really want something or not. Make a periodical inventory of everything you've got in your storage box and plan on throwing away, selling or giving away what you don't use.

10. Before going on holiday, leave the most valuable objects from your home in your storage unit and you will travel with greater peace of mind. If you're going away for a month, and your house doesn't have an alarm system and you want to make sure that your valuable objects are safe, keeping them in a storage unit is the best solution. OhMyBox! has 24-hour surveillance devices and control of accesses, meaning that your belongings will be safer than at home.

Haven't you got a storage unit yet? Start the year with an organised home, keep what you don't use often in the storage unit and you will gain in terms of peace and tranquillity.