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Smart ideas for keeping your storage unit tidy

When buying or deciding to rent a storage unit, organisation will always be a fundamental theme.
There is no point in renting a large number of metres if you don't manage to keep your belongings organised, therefore ideas for keeping storage units tidy are always useful.

Nowadays, there are lots of accessories and shops that specialise in storage that make your life easier and can be a source of ideas for organising your storage unit.

You should remember that what you're going to store in your furniture storage will determine the way in which you should organise it, as storing just documents or books is not the same as storing sports accessories or tools.

Once you are clear about the things you're going to store, you can then start to distribute the space.
The idea is to try and optimise space by placing the greatest number of objects in the smallest amount of space possible to manage to fit lots of things into the storage unit.

One of the most common ideas for organising storage units is shelves, which will help you make the most of the wall space. However, there is not always room to put them up, so hooks may be an ideal alternative.
For example, if you're going to store bicycles or other large sports items, they could hang from hooks. You could also hang up cables that take up much less space if they are rolled up, thereby economising space in the boxes to store other belongings and avoiding the deterioration of objects.

Another idea for organising storage units is hanging sliding boxes on the ceiling that will allow you to make much more use of the space, depending on the size of these boxes.
If you're going to store small things, the best thing would be to separate them by size and to classify them, so that they are more organised and you know exactly where each of them is.
If you're going to keep suitcases in your storage unit, you could put them inside plastic bags so that dust and dirt do not damage the fabric.