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The increase of storage unit rental in Spain

The storage unit business in Spain was not affected by the financial crisis or by a drop in sales, as it is one of the few businesses that has managed to take off in recent years, unlike the majority of industries that suffered from huge losses.

Maybe because it is a relatively new business, storage units in Spain still have a lot of market to be won, which represents an enormous opportunity for companies that are dedicated to offering furniture storage rental services.
One of the reasons that has also contributed to the unusual increase in this industry is the lack of these spaces in the country, where most buildings and dwellings do not have this kind of space.

Although it is a business that is highly developed in other European countries, the increase in storage units is a trend that is starting to become firmly established in our country.

The size of apartments in Spain has also contributed to the storage unit rental business expanding, as in our country the average home is around 60 square metres, meaning that people are obliged to look for alternatives for storing their belongings.

Another of the factors that has strongly influenced the increase in these industries is the advantage of renting them through a specialist agency.

In the first place, storage unit rental companies provide economical rates that adapt to each client's needs for space, so that you don't need to spend thousands of euros a month in renting furniture storage.

Secondly, there is the matter of security, as these companies have surveillance systems and antitheft insurance policies for storage units that guarantee the security of your belongings.
Finally, there is the matter of accessibility, as there are storage unit companies in Barcelona such as OhMyBox! that are located in areas that are easy to access as well as being central, which makes it easy to get to your belongings.

We will see the trend over forthcoming years, but it would seem that the industry will continue to be one of the most profitable ones for a long time.