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The self-storage rental business in Spain

The self-storage rental business in Spain has undergone an unusual growth in recent years, offering a profitability of almost 15% according to the estimates of some experts in the sector.

It would seem that the economic crisis did not manage to put an end to many businesses, including the self-storage rentals in Spain, which actually increased during the toughest years of the crisis.

Not only do the large storage unit rental companies benefit from this increase in business, but the shortage of these spaces in most buildings in our countries, together with the limited space in homes (the average size of a flat in Spain is 60 square metres), mean that any fortunate person who has an unoccupied space has the possibility of generating extra income.

It is becoming more common to see new furniture storage rental companies in city centres, where the offer has increased during recent years and has led to many companies looking for spaces in cities to expand their rental business.

As buying your own self-storage unit is usually a rather expensive operation, people are increasingly opting to contract self-storage rental in Spain, as not only are they more economical, but they also offer some extra advantages such as antitheft insurance policies for storage units, surveillance and even the option of changing to other cities in the country.

In most companies, clients only pay for the days they need the service and for the rented area, without any type of minimum stay, a flexibility that makes these companies an excellent option for those who are looking for extra storage space.

According to experts in the sector, the occupation rate of storage units in Spain is around 69%, meaning that there is little free surface area.

Self-employed enterprises have contributed towards the growth of the sector in recent years, thus making the storage unit rental business an increasingly interesting investment.