People with storage boxes

Throw out, discard or store

Nowadays many people have problems storing all the belongings they have in a single place. This may be due to lack of time or because spaces are getting smaller, but most people who live in large cities face the same challenge: the excessive accumulation of belongings and the consequent lack of space.

This is why storage unit rental services in most Spanish cities have considerably increased in recent years, as the needs for space are more pressing and communal storage areas are increasingly less frequent in new homes.

If you're thinking about renting a storage unit, the best thing is to take into consideration some recommendations to decide which things you should throw away, which should be put into storage and which should be rehoused somewhere in your home.

What you should get rid of:

  • Belongings you haven't used for over a year.

  • Sports items or accessories that you used to use but don't any longer.

  • If you have children, you can give away the things they no longer use from when they were younger.

  • Clothes from previous seasons that you have been storing for more than a year (although many people are frightened of throwing things away thinking that they might come back into fashion, the fact is that the garments that you haven't worn for the last two summers are unlikely to be worn again).

  • Broken or useless items that you know you're never going to repair.

What you should store:

  • Objects with some sentimental value.

  • Belongings which, although you don't use them all year round, you do use at certain times (for example your skiing equipment).

  • Important documents or papers, although sometimes it is advisable to store them in boxes or separate compartments so that they don't deteriorate when being stored with items and objects.

You should bear in mind that the space in storage units is also limited, therefore you need to do very selective choosing when deciding to move your belongings to a rented storage unit.