Boxes organized

Tips on packaging for storage units

When you are packaging, it is a good idea to follow some guidelines to avoid chaos, so that the objects are stored in the best condition possible and so that the entire task should develop as easily as possible. Here are our main tips when packaging for storage units:

• Use suitable materials. Sometimes a simple box is enough as long as it is sufficiently firm and reinforced, in other words, that it doesn't break or bend easily. Any adhesive tape that maintains its consistency and closes everything correctly is suitable. In any case, specialist companies sell boxes for this kind of job.

• Boxes should be of a similar size. This will avoid having to sort out a puzzle when trying to get them in the storage unit. Playing Tetris may be fun, but when you're organising a space, it can be frustrating. Therefore, it is best that they should be as similar as possible in size.

• This packaging tip for storage units comes with a small clarification. Although the boxes should be sorted in a way that makes the most of the space, they should have small gaps between them for correct ventilation purposes. They should be together and organised, but not suffer from problems of deterioration.

• Try to place objects that have some kind of relationship to each other inside the boxes. If they belong to a hobby, make sure it's the same hobby, or that they are things from just one room. It is best not to mix things up so that there are no problems when unwrapping everything and looking for things. Place heavier objects at the bottom and more fragile ones at the top to prevent them from getting broken.

• Use labelling that is legible and orderly as one of the best tips when packaging for storage units. If you don't want to go crazy, make sure you get all the information possible first-hand. Know what is in each package so that you can get to it as quickly as possible, looking for what you need.