Shelves with stored objects

Advice for organising your storage unit

It is fairly common not to take care of your belongings left in a storage unit so that when you want to put something back you can't find the necessary space. Therefore it's essential to follow some guidelines to organise the storage unit, making it as functional and as practical as possible, so that you can store everything you want.

Although it might seem quite obvious, you need to place the larger boxes and objects at the back or on the floor. This is usually one of the main problems why people can't find a space for the rest of their things later. You should avoid putting things in at random, as you take them, as this will lead to a lack of organisation. And although you might lack enthusiasm or feel lazy, if you take a new large object there, it is important to organise the storage unit following the same guidelines, placing these pieces in the background or underneath everything else.

When organising your storage unit, you should always leave a passage down the middle so that you can easily access all the belongings you place in it. When you've got lots of boxes you might not remember what is in each of them. Therefore you could help by sticking post-its on them saying what they contain. If there are objects that you think you're going to need in the near future, keep them as far towards the front as possible so that they are accessible without having to move everything else.

If you have any kind of furniture with interior space, make the most of it for storing objects in it. Don't hesitate to put shelves on the walls as well as hooks or adhesive magnetic strips for the same purpose. You need to know that not only the floor can be used for storage. One clear example is a bicycle, that can be hung on the wall or the ceiling.

You should consider the care of the objects you decide to store, so don't forget to mark any boxes that may have fragile contents as well as securing them on the inside to avoid any breakage. Finally, make sure they are all well closed with tape so that no kind of dust or dirt that could spoil them can get in.