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Tips to save space at home or in the office

Nowadays, it's very common to come across a lack of space in places where we spend our everyday lives and where we work. Lots of objects and pieces of furniture are housed in our rooms and there is hardly enough place left to move around or put in the new things we acquire. Nevertheless, here is some advice to deal with the lack of space at home or in the office.

Fortunately, designers of modern pieces of furniture are creating multi-purpose pieces. Decorative objects that can be used for storing books on stairs or shelves that hide kitchen or dining room furniture, to try and help with this problem of lack of space.

For those who continue to have more traditional furniture, it's very important to give priority to items that can store things inside them. For example, if you have a table or a foot rest with internal capacity for storing things or books. Placing a bookshelf next to other furniture is useful for freeing up space in the room and can serve various purposes, especially if it's not very high, as it can be used as a decorative piece of furniture or as a small table on which to place a lamp, photographs or everyday personal items.

Walls are great allies for dealing with a lack of space. Wide shelves on which to place personal items or work things, as well as the use of hooks and adhesive magnetic strips for clothes or metallic objects. As they are hanging up, they are always close at hand and, best of all, nice and organised to avoid chaos and untidiness.

If you want to tidy up a bedroom, it's common to use the space under the bed for storage boxes for clothes or shoes. You can also place the bed in the higher part of the bedroom and use the underneath as a desk or workspace. Any idea that makes the most of the space is positive.

In the end, you might not find any more gaps in which to rehouse your things. Therefore, you might have to think about the option of renting a storage unit or furniture storage. This will offer you the necessary alternative for all your furniture and part of the things that you don't regularly use but that take up a lot of space.