Clothes organized

Tips to sort out cupboards

During the various seasons of the year, we usually sort out our cupboards to have the clothes we need for that season more readily available. This happens particularly in summer and in winter. Below, we offer several tips to sort out cupboards so that you can do it under the best possible conditions:

1. The main point is to select one or two days in your schedule to sort out your cupboards. You should be quite clear that this time will be exclusively dedicated to this task and you also need to get in the right state of mind.

2. When the day for the change arrives, empty out the cupboard completely. Even if you’re going to keep some of the garments, take them all out. It is time to clean and disinfect everything to make it all neat. If you have delicate garments, take them to a specialist company.

3. The usual thing is to put the garments into cardboard boxes, but we recommend first putting them in plastic bags that are hermetically sealed to keep out air, damp and any type of dirt or odour.

4. However, there are some garments that need to breathe, such as leather and suede. In these cases, it is best to keep them in covers made of breathable fabric.

5. In the boxes, it is a good idea to place mothballs which will also serve to perfume the garments. A perfect combination for preventing problems and having a pleasant sensation.

6. There are some garments such as dresses, suits and long coats that shouldn't be folded. Therefore, when sorting out the cupboard it's best to hang them on a hanger in the space you have found for them.

7. One of the best tips to sort out your cupboards lies in the simplicity of the process, in other words, not piling up all the clothes or the boxes. Things that can be folded should be stored as best possible to save space.

8. Label the covers and boxes to know what type of garments are in them. An easy way of organising and being able to find a certain garment when you need it.

9. Think about renting storage units or furniture storage when you don't have enough room to store your clothes.