Cheerful couple with cardboard boxes

Where to get boxes for your move

For a successful move, organisation and planning are an extremely important part of the process, therefore you should organise and plan your move step-by-step.
Finding boxes for the move without having to spend much money is not easy and is one of the things you should take into account when organising your move.

Once you have selected the means of transport, the rental storage unit and, of course, the destination, boxes for the move then become the following priority in the organisation and management stage of a move.

Although the easiest solution is to buy boxes, this can be an additional cost you hadn't taken into consideration and if you can avoid this, it won't come amiss.

To manage to save on this part of the move, we propose a series of ideas that can help you get boxes:

  1. Supermarkets or local shops: many supermarkets get rid of the boxes in which they receive their orders, so this can be a good alternative for getting hold of some. Fruit shops usually get rid of fruit boxes which, although rather small, can be used for things like books.

  2. Book shops: you can ask in bookshops if they have any leftover boxes they can give you, we recommend that you first find out when they receive their deliveries as you will probably have more luck on those days.

  3. Schools: you could also try going to any schools in your area and asking them if they have any cardboard boxes they want to get rid of.

  4. Recycling centres: check out the paper and card collection points as people often leave boxes next to the recycling containers.

  5. Friends and family: let your friends and family know that you're moving, maybe they will be able to help you get some boxes.