What do I need to rent a storage unit?

What do I need to rent a storage unit?

The bureaucratic functioning of self-storage rental is similar in some points to other rental contracts. As well as the need for more space and having the amount to be paid available, there are a series of factors to be taken into account when considering contracting a service of this kind.

The requirements for renting a storage unit are not very difficult to meet, however, you must remember that this service is governed by a contract, in which the rights of the tenant must be specified, as well as the services that the rental company offers to provide.

Usually, the clauses are not very complicated and the contracts are similar to any rental contract, in which the person contracting the service must be of adult age.

Beyond the legal aspects, it is a good idea that people who are considering taking out a storage unit rental service take some aspects into account:

  • The price of most rental storage units is determined by the space which you decide to rent; the larger the area, the more you will have to pay.

  • Although in most of them you can “store what you want”, you should remember that there are limits, which are often indicated by the company on signing the contract. For example, you cannot rent a storage unit to store plants, animals or any kind of live being, or toxic substances or ones that could be a security risk either for the company or for other people who have rented storage units next to you.

  • Don't forget to ask the company if they offer any additional services, as some furniture storage rental companies offer their clients the possibility of taking out a goods transport service. This means that you won't have to make numerous trips to take your things to the self-storage unit, as the company will deal with this part for you.

  • Most of these services have comprehensive insurance policies so that you can be at ease and store your belongings without concern.