Interior of a storage unit

What are the measurements of a storage unit?

When deciding to rent a storage unit, one of the considerations is the size. Depending on what you want to store, you will need one size or another.

The minimum measurements of a storage unit are usually about one square metre. Nevertheless, this always depends on the specific needs of each client. Many rental companies have the information about the minimum measurements available on their websites, so that clients can get an idea of what kind of service this particular company offers.
However, for many people it is difficult to calculate what fits into the sizes.

To get an idea, we provide some guidelines to help you calculate the minimum measurements for a self-storage unit depending on the number of boxes and items you need to store in the rented space:

  • Small: a small storage unit is one with a minimum measurement of 1 m2, in which you can store approximately 16 cardboard boxes. These box type spaces are used by people who have many things stored in small boxes that take up a lot of room at home.

  • Medium: a medium storage unit is slightly bigger, the minimum size of a medium storage unit is approximately 4.5 m2 and it can hold beds, tables, relatively large pieces of furniture, as well as boxes.

  • Large: the minimum size of a large storage unit is 10 m2. It is a space in which you can house not just a large number of boxes, but also large pieces of furniture.

Remember that these calculations are given as a guideline, and before you contract a rental service you should carefully specify the objects that you are going to store so that the company can offer you the size that best suits your needs. Don't forget to ask about the minimum measurements of the storage units they offer, as well as the guarantees of the service, and in short, everything you need to know to start to move your belongings.