Interior of storage unit rental with a cardboard moving box

What should I keep in a storage unit?

Very often, when you contract the services of storage unit rental companies, you are not very clear about what things you should store and what things you should think twice about before storing.

Although rented storage units are a fairly versatile, flexible space, there is often a lack of common sense and you can easily make beginners’ mistakes when renting one as a storage alternative.

As we said earlier, to best handle the rental of a storage unit, you should use the least common of the senses: your common sense! What does this mean? That you should avoid storing things such as food or things that can go off or get spoilt.

You also need to assess, when deciding what you're going to keep in a storage unit, the use to be made of the objects that have been selected. The idea of renting furniture storage is to help solve problems, not to complicate things, therefore if you make the mistake of storing objects that you use on a daily basis, you will be wasting valuable time. Therefore, it's not a good idea to store large objects which you frequently use.

Below, we offer a list of items that are often stored in a storage unit:

  • Sports items and accessories: this part does not include just bikes, but also skis and garments that you use in the snow which are usually fairly large and therefore take up a lot of space. There is also plenty of room for summer sports items such as kayaks, oars and canoes, which are excellent candidates for being stored in a storage unit.

  • Furniture: if you are moving to a smaller space than before or you have refurbished your space by buying new furniture, storage units are a good place to keep the furniture that you don't want to throw away as it has a value, maybe a sentimental value or is part of a family tradition.

  • Other kinds of accessories: from documents or books you wish to keep for some specific reason to old toys or other objects that you don't yet want to get rid of.

  • Large electrical household appliances, such as washing machines or dishwashers, are other items that can be stored in a storage unit without any problem.