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Where to construct and build storage units

Nowadays, having a storage room at home or opting for a rented storage unit has become an almost basic need for any family.

We are constantly consuming and buying new objects that take up more and more space in our homes, which is why self-storage rental companies have been mushrooming in recent years.

For people who don't have one of their own or who aren't prepared to pay rental for one, an alternative could be to construct and build your own space somewhere in your house.

There are mixed opinions about this. First of all, you must analyse what is most profitable in all senses, not just economically.

To build your own modular storage room using wood requires tools and time.
If you are not very skilful at DIY, you must also calculate in the cost of labour and work out whether it is worthwhile getting it made or whether perhaps it's more economical to look for a furniture storage rental company.

You can also contemplate the option of buying one of those prefabricated storage units that are sold in most supermarkets and DIY shops. For this, you will have to measure the area you wish to put it in very carefully.

Remember that if you live in an owners’ community you will first have to ask the Board of Owners if you can build a storage room and you will also need a permit from your town council to do so.
In the urban development information offices, you can find out about whether you can build one in your building or whether the General Urban Development Plan establishes restrictions.

Building your own storage room could be an excellent option if you don't have much of a budget and really need the extra space, but you should remember that there are costs and some bureaucratic procedures such as the ones commented above.

Find out about the costs your decision will involve. Whether it is a storage unit rented through a company or one that you build yourself, assess and decide which of the two would best suit your needs.