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Where to find material and boxes for moving your belongings

When you're planning a move or taking out a storage unit rental service, one of the most important questions is organising how you will get all your belongings there.

First of all, you need to deal with the transport to your storage unit or to your new destination. If it is a move, you must decide whether you're going to use a specialist moving company or if you're going to move your own belongings.

If you have a van and you don't have much to move, doing it yourself can be a viable alternative, but if you've got to move lots of heavy things or items such as a grand piano, paintings or large electrical household appliances, our advice is that you contract a specialist company.

If you want to take your belongings to a storage unit, the first thing is to ask the storage unit rental company if they offer a transport service to their premises, which would save a lot of time.

Once you have dealt with the matter of transport, the next thing is to determine what kind of materials and boxes you need to move your belongings.

First, you should make a list of everything you're going to move, this will help you to get an idea of what you will need and to know what kind of materials and type of boxes you want for the move.

Once you have defined this, you can get down to work and start to look for the boxes and materials:

  1. If you're going to move objects that could get broken, it's best to wrap them in bubble wrap and newspaper to protect them from possible bangs

  2. You can try and look for boxes for the move in supermarkets and local shops. Shopkeepers often leave boxes outside their premises, so you can talk to them and ask them to save them instead of getting rid of them.

  3. You could also contact specialist companies who will be able to offer you tools and materials for the move at an affordable price. However, if you need to transport delicate objects that you wish to protect as much as possible, perhaps the best thing is to contact one of these companies that offer comprehensive packaging and a large number of specialist boxes for transporting specific objects.