Old and new storage units

Who were the pioneers in renting out self-storage units?

A few years ago, hardly anybody had heard about storage unit rental or self-storage service, but today it is on the rise and becoming more and more popular.

Although it is a relatively recent business in Spain (it's a service that has been around for less than 15 years; in around 2002 the first companies started to set up storage unit rental), this kind of business has taken off like no other. What do we know about its history? Who were the “inventors” of this kind of service?

Although the circumstances have changed, historically, since human beings stopped being nomads, we have had the tendency to accumulate objects endlessly.
Although there is proof and historic evidence of public storage spaces in the Chinese civilisation, the concept of modern storage units is a custom that started in the United States in the 1950s, more specifically, in 1958.

The pioneers of the business were from Fort Lauderdale in Florida and the business was called Lauderdale Storage. They started out as a self-storage or mini storage service, leading to later initiatives that decided to imitate the business model.

The first chain in the United States was created in the state of Texas in the 1960s and was the beginning of the modern business as we know it today.
In Europe, the pioneers of self-storage were the British, where, according to official figures, there are almost 1,000 storage units today.

The reduction of spaces and the constant social and economic changes have caused us to use these storage spaces more often, which is why the experts consider that storage unit rental is a service that is here to stay.

This business will become more of a necessity; because of the reduction of spaces, people will have to use this kind of space more frequently so as not to get rid of valuable memories.

In Spain, there are already almost 150 registered companies that offer storage unit rental services, showing that it is not a passing fad.