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You can use your premises as a rental storage unit

With the financial crisis, many people had to look for sustainable alternatives and many businesses were affected. One of these alternatives was the transformation of premises into rented storage units.

Trade was one of the most deeply affected sectors, so nowadays cities have a large number of empty premises generating losses.
In legal terms, converting commercial premises into rental storage units is possible, unless there is a clause in the ownership contract of the premises that expressly forbids this.

If I own premises I can do with them what I want and give them the use that I want as long as I am not violating urban development laws in the area of my premises.
If my premises are in an owners' community, the only restrictions should be when carrying out work and refurbishment that could affect the community and the adjoining owners.

You should take into account that it is probable that you will have to take out some municipal licences to be able to start to operate. Therefore, before starting the process to transform the premises into rental storage units, it is a good idea to get assessment from a lawyer specialising in property matters.

The idea of converting premises into rental storage units is a good alternative to make the most of the space that would otherwise remain empty. However, there are certain risks for whoever rents it, particularly in matters of security and special conservation conditions.
Companies that offer this service have specific humidity and waterproofing control conditions that are not found in commercial premises, and they do not usually have surveillance systems either, meaning that people's belongings will be much more vulnerable to possible theft.

If you're considering converting your premises into rental storage units, bear in mind that you will have to compete against companies that are offering these services professionally, with guarantees for their users as well as strategic locations, meaning that it is a good idea to study the competition and work out whether it would be a profitable investment or not.