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Where to construct and build storage units

Nowadays, having a storage room at home or opting for a rented storage unit has become an almost basic need for any family. We are constantly consuming and buying new objects that take up more and more space in our homes, which is why self-storage …

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Cheerful workers

The increase of storage unit rental in Spain

The storage unit business in Spain was not affected by the financial crisis or by a drop in sales, as it is one of the few businesses that has managed to take off in recent years, unlike the majority of industries that suffered from huge losses. May …

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Cheerful woman with storage box

Enjoy the convenience of a centrally located storage unit

One of the benefits of having a storage room in your home is that it is an extension of your house that you can access whenever you want. Nevertheless, there are few people fortunate enough to have the privilege of this extra space. Therefore, many …

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You can use your premises as a rental storage unit

With the financial crisis, many people had to look for sustainable alternatives and many businesses were affected. One of these alternatives was the transformation of premises into rented storage units. Trade was one of the most deeply affected …

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Old and new storage units

Who were the pioneers in renting out self-storage units?

A few years ago, hardly anybody had heard about storage unit rental or self-storage service, but today it is on the rise and becoming more and more popular. Although it is a relatively recent business in Spain (it's a service that has been around …

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5 tips to place things in your furniture storage

Storage units are small worlds able to store countless memories, mementos, objects and tools that, at some stage, were of use. Ideas for organising storage units are always welcome as, whether because of sentimental value or because we find it …

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Hall of storage units with boxes

5 tips to save space in your storage unit

However hard you try to avoid it, untidiness can take over your storage unit and furniture storage, making them a replica of the disorder you were trying to avoid. Space is finite and if you continue accumulating things, at some stage you will have …

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