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Boxes piled

The economic crisis and self-storage units

Although we hear that the financial crisis is now a thing of the past, the fact is that there are still thousands of families who find it difficult to make ends meet and businesses have been forced to get rid of staff and even close down their …

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Boxes inside an apartment

Benefits of a clean home without junk

If you're one of those people who senselessly accumulate things and have trouble accommodating old belongings whenever you buy something new, probably the best thing you can do is rent a storage unit. You don't necessarily have to be suffering …

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Couple with baby and boxes

Free up room at home for the arrival of a baby

The arrival of a baby is a great joy but may involve logistical complications; lack of space is one of them and means that renting a self-storage unit is a very popular solution nowadays for modern parents. Isn't it rather an extreme measure? Many …

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Person in front of storage unit for rent

Rent a self-storage unit for your gap year

For those of you who are thinking about taking a break to reconsider and travel or simply to take time off, you have very probably thought about renting a self-storage unit for a gap year. But do you know which one to choose and what to take into …

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