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Five objects we have all kept in a storage room

These are the five things our storage rooms hide and which we often keep for their use or sentimental value Over the years, we usually accumulate objects which, in the past, we found useful. Getting rid of these things isn't always easy and even …

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Couple with baby looking at box

Five stages in your life when you will need a storage unit

Living in your parents’ home, setting up your first company, starting out life as a couple or the arrival of your first child are just some of the situations in which you will need more storage space Shall I throw it away or not? Where can I keep …

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Couple organizing boxes

Rules to start the year with a tidy home

We offer 10 tips to optimise the space in your home Is keeping your house organised your New Year's resolution? At OhMyBox!, we suggest some rules so that you make the most of the space in your home and enjoy the benefits of tidiness. In fact, …

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Hall of storage units for rent

Tips to choose the best storage unit

Furniture storage or storage units are places that have become essential pieces in our everyday lives due to the need to keep our objects as we don't have enough space for them. Whether at work or at home, it is essential to have a place like this, …

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Modern small floor interior

How to make the most of space in small flats

Moving to a small flat involves numerous advantages for the person who buys it, such as a lower rental or price, greater energy efficiency and less care and cleaning. But above all, the tranquillity and intimacy of having a personal area in which …

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Baby's shoes

Tips to organise clothes in your storage unit

Before starting to organise clothes in the storage unit you need to make sure that it is as clean as possible. Once you have taken them out of the cupboard, it is a good idea to wash them at home and, if they need a special treatment, take them to a …

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Modern house interior

How to keep your house tidy when living with a partner

One of the most complicated moment in people’s lives comes when they start living with other people. The relationship may be well established and there might be really good feelings but, on a day-to-day basis, problems can arise if you don't follow …

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Advantages of renting a storage unit in the summer

We all have a time of year when we have too many things at home because we gradually accumulate them. We no longer know what to do with these things because they take up a lot of space that prevents us from having what we really need or something …

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Person leaving home

Advantages of living in a small home

There are people who do not feel at ease in large spaces and look for other kinds of homes to feel at ease on an everyday basis. Despite the fact that there are numerous prejudices against them, there are many advantages of living in a small home. • …

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Security camera

Security as a key feature of your self-storage unit

People generally tend to have the impression that a self-storage unit is an abandoned place where you leave things that you no longer need. It is a mistake to think this way. You often store objects that might be valuable or things that don't fit …

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Shelves with stored objects

Advice for organising your storage unit

It is fairly common not to take care of your belongings left in a storage unit so that when you want to put something back you can't find the necessary space. Therefore it's essential to follow some guidelines to organise the storage unit, making …

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Desk in child's room

Tips to save space at home or in the office

Nowadays, it's very common to come across a lack of space in places where we spend our everyday lives and where we work. Lots of objects and pieces of furniture are housed in our rooms and there is hardly enough place left to move around or put in …

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Worker with boxes

How to transport your belongings to the self-storage unit

When you contract a rented storage unit, you need to take many things into consideration so that the service is worthwhile. One of the essential factors is where the storage unit is, as often the inconvenience of companies is that they are on the …

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Doors for storage units for rent

Rent a space for furniture and other belongings

If you're the kind of person who, year after year, accumulates more belongings and doesn't know what to do with them, a rental storage unit could be a good alternative for your needs for space. The number one obstacle that people come up against …

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Green storage unit

What should I NOT keep in a storage unit?

People think that a rented storage unit is a place where they can leave all kinds of waste, including toxic waste from their home, but nothing is further from the truth. Storage units are additional space that you can have in your home or that you …

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Close blind storage

Can I get into my storage unit at any time?

One of the most frequent questions that many users ask when deciding to rent a storage unit is whether they can go into it at any time of the day. The answer is yes. This accessibility is one of the advantages that a self-storage rental company …

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Angry couple with boxes

Find the time you need to clean your house

Many people find it hard to organise their house and clean up a little due to the accumulation of things and belongings that fill their homes, year after year. Although this is something that affects many people, it is not an excuse for excessive …

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Woman with tablet surrounded by boxes

The self-storage rental business in Spain

The self-storage rental business in Spain has undergone an unusual growth in recent years, offering a profitability of almost 15% according to the estimates of some experts in the sector. It would seem that the economic crisis did not manage to put …

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What do I need to rent a storage unit?

What do I need to rent a storage unit?

The bureaucratic functioning of self-storage rental is similar in some points to other rental contracts. As well as the need for more space and having the amount to be paid available, there are a series of factors to be taken into account when …

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Interior of a storage unit

What are the measurements of a storage unit?

When deciding to rent a storage unit, one of the considerations is the size. Depending on what you want to store, you will need one size or another. The minimum measurements of a storage unit are usually about one square metre. Nevertheless, this …

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Man with lever forcing door

How to prevent theft from your home storage room

Thefts from storage rooms are becoming more frequent and are a common reason for lodging a report at a police station. During the first months of 2015, the number of reports of thefts from storage rooms shot up, especially in those in the car …

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Woman sitting next to boxes

Rent a self-storage unit for indefinite holiday

Everyone has at some stage fantasised about getting away from their routine forever. And even though it may seem to be an impossible dream, with a little planning and organisation, you can do it! For those adventurous spirits who don't settle for …

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Box with American flag

The Americans, pioneers in self-storage rental

Despite being something more recent in Spain, the self-storage rental business has been operating for years in other markets, particularly English-speaking ones. In England, it is a firmly established market that has been expanding in the country …

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Person writing in notebook

How to plan the rental of a storage unit

The rental of a storage unit is a fantastic idea when you have problems of space at home. Whatever the reason, there are many causes that lead to headaches in this sense. We are consumers and we accumulate things little by little. You may be …

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Businessman and storage units for rent

Storage units, the anticrisis business

Although opening a new business during the financial crisis may seem crazy, there are always untapped areas that work well in good times and in bad times. The storage unit and furniture storage business is an excellent source of income in Spain, as …

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Cardboard storage boxes for packing

Some extra tips to keep your storage unit organised

The use of storage units has been growing in recent years and nowadays it is not at all strange for people to decide to resort to the services of a storage unit company as a way of solving their need for space. As these spaces are becoming more and …

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Countries that already use rented storage units

Although in Spain the self-storage rental business is fairly recent and is only just starting to give its best results, around the world there are a large number of companies that offer this service regularly. First of all, there is the United …

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Box in front of storage units for rent

Storage units with 24/7 access in the heart of Barcelona

Looking for storage units in Barcelona used to be a difficult and often very expensive task, as there was little offer and the spaces of the rental companies was usually on the outskirts of the city. Nowadays, the great growth of companies offering …

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Couple embraced and thinking

The five most frequent doubts when renting a storage unit

Although it is not a service of primary necessity, renting a storage unit is something that more and more Spanish people are considering, whether due to reasons of force majeure (because of the financial crisis many people have unfortunately had to …

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Boxes organized

Tips on packaging for storage units

When you are packaging, it is a good idea to follow some guidelines to avoid chaos, so that the objects are stored in the best condition possible and so that the entire task should develop as easily as possible. Here are our main tips when packaging …

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Books organized

Care and maintenance of books

Literature is one of humanity's great passions, but keeping your library in optimum conditions requires an effort as books are easily prone to deterioration. This is due to the fact that they are affected by external factors such as damp and dust, …

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Clothes organized

Tips to sort out cupboards

During the various seasons of the year, we usually sort out our cupboards to have the clothes we need for that season more readily available. This happens particularly in summer and in winter. Below, we offer several tips to sort out cupboards so …

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Loft with furniture

How to make the most of your storage unit

With a little bit of sense, you can get the most out of your storage unit simply and without too many complications. It's normal to accumulate things and then not to have sufficient space for them, and this is why the key is in knowing how to make …

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Couple picking boxes

Renting a storage unit while you move house

Moving house can be a great problem because of all the furniture and objects there are in the house. To start off, it's important to package and transport everything that is not particularly relevant, so that you can then concentrate on the everyday …

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Boxes and objects on bookshelf

Advantages of renting a self-storage unit in Barcelona

In large cities, it has become fashionable to rent a storage unit to store all the belongings that don't fit into your home, either because you live in a small home or because, little by little, you have accumulated objects and there is no longer …

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Corridor with big storage units for rent

Mini storage units: tailored self-storage

Are you having work done in your home and do you need space to keep some of your personal items? Have you just moved to a smaller place and do you need to be able to store things? You might have just set up a new business and the office might not be …

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Couple planning house

Renting storage units while remodelling your house

Having work done at home can represent a significant problem, particularly due to a lack of space. If you are remodelling your kitchen or changing a bedroom or sitting room, you might want to save some of the furniture you had, but have nowhere to …

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Hall of storage units with shopping cart

7 reasons to rent a storage unit

How often have you tripped over boxes or furniture in the way at home? We accumulate things and we don't have space for them. Sometimes changes in your family or professional life also influence, as well as renovations carried out to your home. …

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Smiling couple with box and key

Renting a storage unit if you're going on a journey

Although a rental storage unit for holidays is not usually a priority for many people when planning their trip, it is important to take into account that this possibility exists if you’re thinking of taking a year off or contemplating the …

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Man surrounded by boxes

Is there a limit to objects you can keep in a storage unit?

Rented storage units are spaces that a specialist company that provides these services offers for a certain fee, paid monthly or yearly. To this end, as it is a service that you take out, the rate you pay will be determined by the contract you sign; …

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Lock with padlock

For how long can I use my self-storage unit?

One of the most frequent questions when contracting a specialist company that offers self-storage rental units is how long you can use it. Although each company offers these services in a different way, there are a series of frequent questions that …

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People with storage boxes

Throw out, discard or store

Nowadays many people have problems storing all the belongings they have in a single place. This may be due to lack of time or because spaces are getting smaller, but most people who live in large cities face the same challenge: the excessive …

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Cheerful couple with cardboard boxes

Where to get boxes for your move

For a successful move, organisation and planning are an extremely important part of the process, therefore you should organise and plan your move step-by-step. Finding boxes for the move without having to spend much money is not easy and is one of …

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Couple sealing box

Where to find material and boxes for moving your belongings

When you're planning a move or taking out a storage unit rental service, one of the most important questions is organising how you will get all your belongings there. First of all, you need to deal with the transport to your storage unit or to your …

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Multicolored storage units doors

A business on the rise: storage and storage units

In recent years, the storage unit rental business has been increasing, with sustained levels of growth making it one of the most promising businesses these days. With the explosion of the housing bubble many people thought that this would be yet …

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Woman with clothes rack

Smart ideas for keeping your storage unit tidy

When buying or deciding to rent a storage unit, organisation will always be a fundamental theme. There is no point in renting a large number of metres if you don't manage to keep your belongings organised, therefore ideas for keeping storage units …

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Woman supported in box

Different ways of organising your storage unit

People need new ideas to organise their storage unit due to the increase in requests for the rental of these spaces. With the trend for accumulating objects that has invaded us these days, having a space in which to store our things has gone from …

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People with cardboard boxes

Advantages of a storage unit in the heart of Barcelona

Those of you who have looked for a storage unit in Barcelona or Madrid know that it is not easy. One of the dilemmas you face when deciding to contract a rental service of this kind is its location. As they are large surface areas or industrial …

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Factory worker working on a wall

Where to construct and build storage units

Nowadays, having a storage room at home or opting for a rented storage unit has become an almost basic need for any family. We are constantly consuming and buying new objects that take up more and more space in our homes, which is why self-storage …

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Cheerful workers

The increase of storage unit rental in Spain

The storage unit business in Spain was not affected by the financial crisis or by a drop in sales, as it is one of the few businesses that has managed to take off in recent years, unlike the majority of industries that suffered from huge losses. May …

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Cheerful woman with storage box

Enjoy the convenience of a centrally located storage unit

One of the benefits of having a storage room in your home is that it is an extension of your house that you can access whenever you want. Nevertheless, there are few people fortunate enough to have the privilege of this extra space. Therefore, many …

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Couple looking inside box

You can use your premises as a rental storage unit

With the financial crisis, many people had to look for sustainable alternatives and many businesses were affected. One of these alternatives was the transformation of premises into rented storage units. Trade was one of the most deeply affected …

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Old and new storage units

Who were the pioneers in renting out self-storage units?

A few years ago, hardly anybody had heard about storage unit rental or self-storage service, but today it is on the rise and becoming more and more popular. Although it is a relatively recent business in Spain (it's a service that has been around …

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Couple sitting in front of boxes

5 tips to place things in your furniture storage

Storage units are small worlds able to store countless memories, mementos, objects and tools that, at some stage, were of use. Ideas for organising storage units are always welcome as, whether because of sentimental value or because we find it …

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Hall of storage units with boxes

5 tips to save space in your storage unit

However hard you try to avoid it, untidiness can take over your storage unit and furniture storage, making them a replica of the disorder you were trying to avoid. Space is finite and if you continue accumulating things, at some stage you will have …

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Woman holding cardboard box

What fits in a self-storage unit?

Although many people have heard of storage units and mini warehouses, very few people really understand how these spaces and the companies that offer their rental services really work. Many people imagine that renting a storage unit or a mini …

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Person organizing boxes

How to handle the space in your storage unit

There is probably no single way to handle your storage unit, therefore it is not possible to write a manual that adapts to every need. Nevertheless, we can give you some advice to help you optimise the space and have your storage unit more organised …

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Corridor with storage units for rent

Price of self-storage rental

One of the most frequent doubts when renting storage space or additional storage is usually the rental price of these places. Deciding whether to choose one rental company or another should not be determined just by the price, as many other factors …

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Interior of storage unit rental with a cardboard moving box

What should I keep in a storage unit?

Very often, when you contract the services of storage unit rental companies, you are not very clear about what things you should store and what things you should think twice about before storing. Although rented storage units are a fairly versatile, …

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Couple looking at a tablet

How to handle the rental of your storage unit

Once you have entered into the dynamics of rented storage units, there is a series of points you should take into account when handling your new storage space. There are a large number of alternatives for each case, nevertheless, most people come …

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