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Advantages of renting a self-storage unit in Barcelona

In large cities, it has become fashionable to rent a storage unit to store all the belongings that don't fit into your home, either because you live in a small home or because, little by little, you have accumulated objects and there is no longer …

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Mini storage units: tailored self-storage

Are you having work done in your home and do you need space to keep some of your personal items? Have you just moved to a smaller place and do you need to be able to store things? You might have just set up a new business and the office might not be …

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Renting storage units while remodelling your house

Having work done at home can represent a significant problem, particularly due to a lack of space. If you are remodelling your kitchen or changing a bedroom or sitting room, you might want to save some of the furniture you had, but have nowhere to …

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7 reasons to rent a storage unit

How often have you tripped over boxes or furniture in the way at home? We accumulate things and we don't have space for them. Sometimes changes in your family or professional life also influence, as well as renovations carried out to your home. …

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Renting a storage unit if you're going on a journey

Although a rental storage unit for holidays is not usually a priority for many people when planning their trip, it is important to take into account that this possibility exists if you’re thinking of taking a year off or contemplating the …

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Is there a limit to objects you can keep in a storage unit?

Rented storage units are spaces that a specialist company that provides these services offers for a certain fee, paid monthly or yearly. To this end, as it is a service that you take out, the rate you pay will be determined by the contract you sign; …

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For how long can I use my self-storage unit?

One of the most frequent questions when contracting a specialist company that offers self-storage rental units is how long you can use it. Although each company offers these services in a different way, there are a series of frequent questions that …

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Throw out, discard or store

Nowadays many people have problems storing all the belongings they have in a single place. This may be due to lack of time or because spaces are getting smaller, but most people who live in large cities face the same challenge: the excessive …

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