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Cheerful couple with cardboard boxes

Where to get boxes for your move

For a successful move, organisation and planning are an extremely important part of the process, therefore you should organise and plan your move step-by-step. Finding boxes for the move without having to spend much money is not easy and is one of …

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Couple sealing box

Where to find material and boxes for moving your belongings

When you're planning a move or taking out a storage unit rental service, one of the most important questions is organising how you will get all your belongings there. First of all, you need to deal with the transport to your storage unit or to your …

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Multicolored storage units doors

A business on the rise: storage and storage units

In recent years, the storage unit rental business has been increasing, with sustained levels of growth making it one of the most promising businesses these days. With the explosion of the housing bubble many people thought that this would be yet …

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Woman with clothes rack

Smart ideas for keeping your storage unit tidy

When buying or deciding to rent a storage unit, organisation will always be a fundamental theme. There is no point in renting a large number of metres if you don't manage to keep your belongings organised, therefore ideas for keeping storage units …

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Woman supported in box

Different ways of organising your storage unit

People need new ideas to organise their storage unit due to the increase in requests for the rental of these spaces. With the trend for accumulating objects that has invaded us these days, having a space in which to store our things has gone from …

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People with cardboard boxes

Advantages of a storage unit in the heart of Barcelona

Those of you who have looked for a storage unit in Barcelona or Madrid know that it is not easy. One of the dilemmas you face when deciding to contract a rental service of this kind is its location. As they are large surface areas or industrial …

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Factory worker working on a wall

Where to construct and build storage units

Nowadays, having a storage room at home or opting for a rented storage unit has become an almost basic need for any family. We are constantly consuming and buying new objects that take up more and more space in our homes, which is why self-storage …

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Cheerful workers

The increase of storage unit rental in Spain

The storage unit business in Spain was not affected by the financial crisis or by a drop in sales, as it is one of the few businesses that has managed to take off in recent years, unlike the majority of industries that suffered from huge losses. May …

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Cheerful woman with storage box

Enjoy the convenience of a centrally located storage unit

One of the benefits of having a storage room in your home is that it is an extension of your house that you can access whenever you want. Nevertheless, there are few people fortunate enough to have the privilege of this extra space. Therefore, many …

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