Storage unit rental OhMyBox! Carrer Calàbria

OhMyBox! Calle Calabria

In the heart of Barcelona

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C/ Calabria, 273
93 528 88 14


  • Monday to Friday: From 10h to 15h and from 15h to 19h

  • Saturdays: Closed. Contact with the
    OhMyBox Calle Valencia store

Call us now 93 528 88 14 or give us your contact information and receive the best market offer

Interior of storage unit rental Carrer Calabria Barcelona
Example of storage units for rental OhMyBox! Carrer Calabria
Entrance storage unit rental center Calle Calabria Barcelona

How to go

A five-minute walk from Metro Entença (L5) or Metro Hospital Clínic (L5), along Carrer de Rosselló and turning into Carrer de Calàbria towards the mountain.

Public transport


L5 Entença, L3+L5 Sants-Estació, L1 Rocafort


54, 41 (essential from Plaça Catalunya to Francesc Macià)
H8, 27, 32, 59, 66, 78

Choose your storage unit now and
get your first month free of charge! From €20 a month if you sign up in November!

Boxes from 1 m2 to 10 m2. Only contract the space you need. We will advise you.